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Our Bedding grows as your children grow!
Lady Bug Baby Bedding - Baby Crib Bedding
Elephant ParadeToddler Bedding set by Sumersault
Dino Trail Bedding by C&F Enterprises - Dinosaur Kid Bedding
Little tike bedding began as an idea to sell infant bedding. We started to do our market research and realized that it would be a great idea to extend our product line to toddler bedding and up to the older children as they mature. We decided to retail quilt bedding sets. Decorating my bedroom with quilts has always been a passion of mine since my early teen years. I love quilts because they have such a warm, cozy feel about them. So we decided to find manufactures that do just that, make quilts for infants and kids. Because we know that not everyone wants a quilt-like appearance, we will be continuing to find other manufactures to accomodate anyone's tastes. This will allow us to better please our customers and have them coming back for other stages of your child's life.
We have choosen some of the best quilt manufactures out there. Patch Quilts formally known as Patch Magic Quilts, has extensive workmanship. They produce strong and durable quilts. Patch Magic has been in this business since 1991, and still growing strong. Their line of designs will continue to grow. So, you will want to keep checking in to view our new baby sets and twin quilt designs.
Another well know name "Victorian Heart Co." is family-owned and has been in business for 15 years. They have a beautiful line of designs that is growing and changing weekly. This gives you many choices of designs to choose from. We are proud to carry their lines. We believe you will always be statisfied that you have choosen to do business with us, because of the wonderful manufactures backing us up with great fabric and stitching quality.
We have teamed up with a popular named called Sumersault. They specifically focus their efforts on manufacturing infant crib bedding. Their beautiful selection of crib bedding is made of excellent quality and design.
Little tike bedding is a family owned on-line store that sells children's bedding, bedroom decor, infant crib comfort items, and safety items. We are parents of two little boys and know that parenting is the most rewarding  job in the world. But because of our experiences, we felt is was quite nessesary to market safety items. Kids love to investigate. They are constantly touching, grabbing, and pulling. We are taking our experiences and basically handing you the must have safety products specifically for your child's bedroom. Be sure to check out our safety products coming soon.
Our goal is to make sure that it is easy for you to find what you are looking for and that you will want to keep coming back to our store as your children grow. We hope you'll be our on-line family and friends. We want you to have a pleasent shopping experience everytime you shop with us. Being a parent is hard enough so make it a fun family affair to pick decorating ideas together. Our goal is parent and child satisfaction. When you walk into that child's room no matter what age, you will love the room decor you have chosen.... Thank you and have a great day! The Bowman Family